Cibby is the romantic pairing of Carly Shay & Gibby Gibson from the TV Show iCarly. They are good friends at this point of the show but later they may get together.


Cibby Moments Season 1Edit

iMight Switch SchoolsEdit

  • Carly grabs Gibby's arm, while he has his shirt off, and asks what's going on when all the kids rush into the studio, showing that she would ask Gibby instead of trying to find Freddie and Sam.
  • Carly's dreams involves Gibby.

iWin A DateEdit

  • Carly paints a nice picture on Gibby.
  • Carly told Gibby to wash the paint off himself before putting his shirt on.
  • Carly is the first to notice Gibby's sadness and is curious to know what's wrong.
  • Carly encourages Gibby to tell her what's wrong and listens to Gibby talk about Shannon Mitchell all the while being right next to him while he's talking about Shannon.
  • Carly decides to try and help Gibby win a date with Shannon Mitchell.
  • However, Gibby picks Carly (even though it was obvious she was trying to get him not to pick her) and the two end up going on a triple date to the Cheesecake Warehouse.
  • He may have done this purposely so he could go on a date with Carly.
  • At first, Carly is not to sure about their date, but then warms up to the idea.
  • Carly wasn't bothered by the date at the Cheseecakee Warehouse, or if she was she didn't complain about it.
  • At the Cheesecake Warehouse, Carly tries to help Shannon to like Gibby, implying that she actually cares for Gibby.
  • Carly tries to help Gibby win over Shannon by hinting to him to act like Freddie, whom Shannon likes.
  • Carly said Gibby could find someone better than Shannon, possibly hinting toward herself.
  • This could also mean that she thinks Gibby is a great guy and deserves a great girl.
  • Carly awkwardly claps to Gibby's dances.
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Cibby Moments Season 2Edit


  • Carly knows about Gibby's therapist.
  • Carly told Sam to uncuff Gibby, sounding concerned. She disapproved of Sam and Freddie's use of Gibby to retaliate against each other and was concerned for Gibby's sanity.
  • Gibby plays Chad, Carly's character Kelly´s love interest in the Kelly Cooper: Terrible Movie sketch.
  • '"Kelly Cooper" (Carly) blows "Chad" (Gibby) a kiss.
  • Carly and Gibby (playing characters in the movie trailer sketch) give each other a high-five.
  • Carly and Gibby hold hands in the sketch Kelly Cooper: Terrible Movie.
  • Carly asked Gibby to help Spencer train for football tryouts.
  • Gibby commits to helping Spencer train and follows all of Carly's instructions to the best of his ability.

iRocked The VoteEdit

  • Carly says "Aww" when Sam pulled out Gibby's chest hair, showing she felt bad for him having his first chest hair being pulled off.
  • Carly defends Gibby when Wade Collins calls him "Jibbly."
  • Carly didn't seem too happy when Gibby became Wade's personal assistant.

iMeet Fred

  • Gibby texts Carly (not Sam or Freddie) to warn the group about which means Gibby and Carly are close friends, and that he has Carly's number.