Dally is the romantic/ friendship pairing of Ally Dawson and Dez on Austin & Ally. They are friends but aren't that close. Ally is shown to ask Dez a lot of questions, and sometimes they agree.&nbsp

Dally MomentsEdit

Rockers & Writers

  • Dez calls Ally mam.
  • When Ally says, "Did you not see the 'Please Don't Play the drums' sign?" Dez looks back at the sign and films it.

Kangaroos & Chaos

  • Ally asks Dez if he would like to pay for the bango with cash or shouldshe put it on his tab. Dez says, "Just put it on the tab," then when All shows him how long it is Dez looks nervous.
  • All asks Dez what he was doing when he was leaving a trail for the kangaroo, but actcidentily left a trail for the llama.

Secrets & Songbooks

  • Dez used Ally songbook as a roof for his gingerbread house.
  • When Ally and Trish walk in Dez says, "Allyyyy!"

Zaliens & Cloudwatchers

  • Dez treis to scare Ally.
  • Dez is offended when Ally screamed at Trish, but not at him when they are wearing the same costume.
  • Ally and Dez both think the cloud is a bunny on a bicycle.

Clubowners & Quinceaneras

  • Dez is helping Ally with her dancing.
  • Dez wanted to be Ally, not Dallas.