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Folive is the pairing of Olive Daphne Doyle and Fletcher Pumpernickel Quimby from theDisney Channel original television show, A.N.T. Farm. They are just friends at this point in the show. Olive sometimes makes fun of Fletcher and even punched him in the arm twice. They don't usually fight, most of the time they agree about a lot of things.

Folive MomentsEdit


The beeswax sculpture Fletcher was working on was of Olive. {C}Fletcher didn't care Olive insulted him. Fletcher waits for Olive before running out of the A.N.T. Farm. Fletcher and Olive Both yell "RUN" at the same time meaning they've gotten so used to warning each other they started saying it the same time. {C}Olive and Fletcher both dressed older than they were supposed to. Neither of them seemed surprised meaning they could have planned together what they were gonna wear. {C}After Gibson mistakes them as a married couple neither of them denied it. They didn't seem to care. Olive slaps Fletcher to stop him from worrying about Angus meaning that she doesn't care about Angus just that Fletcher doesn't overreact. After Fletcher says "Thanks a lot China" he puts his arm around Olive when they were leaving. Olive and Fletcher sit next to each other in the music room. When they were at Chyna's house Olive put her arm on Fletcher's shoulder. Fletcher and Olive highfived after they said their bedtimes. When China's singing Olive goes to work the lights, then you can see Fletcher's hand raise possibly meaning he had his hand on her back or shoulder.

When Olive and Fletcher leave Lexi's house Olive grabs his arm.


Olive and Fletcher both show their scared of the big kids. {C}Olive says "Oh,there you are Fletcher," indicating she was looking for him.

The PhANTom Locker

Fletcher knew Olive would never come to the school at night ,meaning he knows her very well.

SciANTs Fair

Fletcher looked back at Olive with a smile during class. {C}Fletcher looks at Olive when he said he got an A+. He might have been trying to impress her. {C}Fletcher looked concerned when he saw Olive cutting up a wedding dress, possibly meaning he wanted to see her in it someday. {C}Olive looked annoyed and maybe a little hurt that Fletcher had a G.P.S. to track China's every move.

Fletcher stands next Olive after Principal Skidmore leaves.

Bad RomANTs

Olive was yelling at Fletcher because "This gum's sugarless right? You said it was sugarless 'cause if i have gum with sugar i get a little CRAZY!", Fletcher lies so she doesn't get crazier. {C}Olive helped Fletcher with the sculpture even though she knew it was a way to impress China.

The InformANT

Folive sits together at lunch without China and later on in the A.N.T. Farm {C}Olive giggled at Fletcher's cat outfit not actually laughing at him like China. Olive said "Oh, no! My cat (Fletcher) got out!" saying "My Fletcher". Fletcher climbed into the trashcan because Olive (and Chyna) didn't want to. {C}While they were waiting for "Charlie Brown" Fletcher was on the ledge behind Olive instead of being by China.


When Olive & China came up to see Fletcher kissing the China doll, Olive looked annoyed and sort of hurt. {C}Olive wasn't mad at Fletcher for describing her as "a robot inside a human body" When Angus tells Fletcher if Nigel went after "My Olive" he'd end up in a scrap heap, Fletcher just looked at him knowing that Olive will never like him that way (or in general)


Olive was extremely kind to Fletcher during this episode. {C}Fletcher asks Olive to sign his petition and is disappointed when she said no. {C}Olive (and China) went to support Fletcher at the meeting. {C}China says she cant believe they went to support Fletcher and he doesn't show up when Olive doesn't say anything. {C}When Olive sees Fletcher wearing the dinosaur costume she says "Yeah, this was totally worth the wait." when China doesn't. China laughs. Fletcher sits next to Olive after telling everyone about the dinosaur nuggets. When Angus asks Olive to marry him, she declines, possibly meaning she wants to date Fletcher, though she could have just been annoyed. Olive and Fletcher sit at the same lunch table. When Olive asks Fletcher how his petition is going she seems really interested. She even let go of her food.


Fletcher tells Olive to help him round up the chicks. Olive and Fletcher take Home EC. class together without China. At first, Fletcher and Olive sat next to each other during class. Fletcher asks Olive to be his partner. Olive looks upset when Fletcher leaves to be Paisley's partner. {C}Olive calls Fletcher decent. {C}Olive doesn't want Fletcher and Paisley to win, this could possibly seen that she doesn't want them to get together. {C}Olive doesn't want to go on a romantic date with Angus, maybe she wanted to go with someone else, like Fletcher. Maybe Fletcher knew there would be a romantic dinner for the prize so that's why he asked Olive.


When Gibson tells them he got fired Fletcher and Olive both say, at the same time, "WHAT!?!?" and then look at each other. {C}Fletcher seems really upset that Olive hit and yelled at him. {C}When China tells them they have to make a plan to get Gibson his job back, Olive is sitting in the black chair Fletcher's leaning on. Olive and Fletcher both drink the glasses China was playing on. When Olive is saying all the stuff Gibson ever said to her, Fletcher's smiling. {C}When China was pulling "Gibson's Greatest Hits" out of her hair,in the background Olive and Fletcher are passing the phone back and forth to each other smiling. {C}Fletcher was still happy when Olive was being all boring with science.


The next day when Olive walks into the A.N.T. Farm, they both kind of pause and stare at each other. {C}Fletcher said that Olive's face "Used to be beautiful," meaning that he thought she was beautiful. {C}When China and her mom where talking, in the background Olive & Fletcher were talking as Sierra &a Jake. Fletcher on the couch & Olive in the bouncy house. {C}Olive got her face painted. Fletcher grabbed Olive's head & shoulders when he recognized who painted it. {C}Olive looked stunned that Fletcher was holding her shoulders. {C}The next day when her face paint was washed off, Fletcher said he couldn't look at her. That made Olive look annoyed. {C}Olive threatened to beat him up after he insulted her. This could mean Olive was hurt that Fletcher called her ugly. {C}Olive went with China to get Fletcher's painting back, once they found out, this might mean that Olive cares about Fletcher. {C}When Olive was about to tell Fletcher something, after China told him that they didn't get his painting back, she touched his arm maybe trying to comfort him. {C}Olive yelled at & threatened Zanko. Each time she yells China cringes meaning she thought she was overreacting, possibly because she didn't care as much about Fletcher like Olive did. {C}Olive helped get Fletcher's painting back by dressing up as a little girl to distract a security guard.

CANTonese-Style Cuisine

When Olive said that she can retrace their steps she says, "No problem! I remember all of our steps. I just said no problem! Before that Fletcher said Don't worry, we'll get that number back! Because I love you!" possibly meaning that she wanted Fletcher to say that to her or something. {C}When Olive said that Fletcher loves China , it was probably jealous, that got her to say that. {C}Maybe Olive quit being a teacher because she didn't want Fletcher to hate her because she was a mean teacher. {C}Fletcher is seen smiling when Olive was talking about fortune cookies and how they originated from Japan.

IgnorANTs Is Bliss

Fletcher leaned to Olive's shoulder and said "You're Olive." {C}When Olive lost her memory, Fletcher looked worried. {C}Olive shook hands with Fletcher when she mistook his name as "terrible". {C}Fletcher is seen clapping after Olive finished delivering China's speech. Fletcher looked like he felt guilty after he said he never missed Olive. When Angus came and asked Olive if she remembered him, Fletcher had a serious frown on. When Angus was trying to make Olive believe that he was her boyfriend, and tried to kiss her, Fletcher looked annoyed and upset. If you look closely you can see Fletcher about to grab Angus back from trying to kiss Olive. Fletcher looked concerned when Olive got trampled by the big kids. Fletcher was just looking at where Olive got trampled. When China asked Olive what was the capital of North Dakota, and Olive said the wrong answer, Fletcher was happy because he thought Olive had her memory. When Fletcher was telling Olive that she is Olive you can see him lean into her a little bit. When Fletcher and China found Olive at the kindergarten, Fletcher looked happy and was smiling. When Fletcher said that China was worried about her you can see a flash of hurt across her face even thought she was supposed to have lost her memory she couldn't control her feelings for Fletcher. {C}When China and Fletcher was leaving the kindergarten, Fletcher looked like he was about to cry. He looked upset, worried, and like he wanted to do something to help her get her memory back. {C}When they were walking out the door Fletcher is walking slowly, staring at Olive. {C}After Olive gave the speech and Angus hugged her, Fletcher has his arms crossed in front of his chest, glaring at Angus after he hugged her. {C}When Fletcher said that China missed her and he didn't, he had a nervous smile on like he was lying. Also, Olive looked hurt when he said that. She actually looked mad and gave him an "I never missed you" look. When Principal Skidmore was explaining that the doctor couldn't predict when or if Olive's memory would come back, Fletcher was the one who asked what would happen if her memory didn't come back. This could mean that he was worried about her. {C}When Olive lost her memory Fletcher looked at her romantically when telling her that she is Olive. {C}Maybe one of the reasons that Olive came back was to stay friends with Fletcher.

Slumber Party ANTics

When Fletcher was in China's room with all the girls, you can see when his back is facing olive she is smiling while looking at Fletcher. Olive seems glad that Fletcher is there. Maybe one of the reasons that Fletcher wanted to go to China's party so badly was to see Olive.

America Needs TalANT

When China,Olive,Fletcher, and Cameron are helping Darell with his fear of flying,Darell yells at Fletcher (baby) for kicking his seat then Olive (mother) yelled "Don;'t you talk to my baby that way!" then hugged Fletcher. {C}In the car when Darell yells at Fletcher for kicking his seat, Fletcher cries. Olive looks at him possibly wishing she could comfort him but, China was sitting in the way. {C}When Olive says "You know nothing about flirting" Fletcher looks upset.Maybe he was trying to flirt with her but, has failed in the past. {C}Maybe Fletcher kicked Darell's eat so he could get another hug from Olive.

SANTa's Little Helpers

Olive and Fletcher fist bump three times in this episode. {C}They sit very closely together in the A.N.T. Farm. {C}Fletcher said for Olive to get on his shoulders, and China on her's not the other way around. {C}They are the only ones who get booby-trapped. {C}They both dressed like elves. {C}They come down the chimney together without Chyna. {C}They are seen sitting/standing/staring at each other a lot. {C}They both want to help get the toys back. {C}Olive and Fletcher (elves) both wanted to go down the chimney, while China (Santa) went threw the door and said "You do know the front door was open, right?" with Fletcher responding "We know.What's fun about a door?" while smiling very brightly. {C}Fletcher and Olive were messing around with the toys making China do all the work and they both got upset if China messed up what they were doing. {C}When China threw a pie in Fletcher's face Olive looked surprised and kind of mad. Olive mentioned three timed that Fletcher and his plans are genius. After the last time Olive and Fletcher fist bump Fletcher is seen smiling at Olive. Fletcher told China to stop being selfish and just listen to the jack-in-the-bow plan that Olive agreed to. Both Fletcher and Olive agree with each other a lot in the show. Both Olive and Fletcher kept making fun of Principal a lot of times that, even China got annoyed. When the orphan girl said that Fletcher was a filthy liar Olive looked sad for him and like the orphan girl was wrong. When Fletcher said that they made the toys as a team he glanced back at Olive. When China was singing inside the box and they liked they looked at each other and smiled.

You're The One That I WANT

In Olive's fantasy play, she and fletcher ar stuck in an elevator together.


When Olive, Fletcher, Chyna, and Angus are listening to a Blood Butcher song, Fletcher is leaning over the chair Olive is sitting on. Olive and Fletcher are sitting on Chya's bed together. When Olive said that the song Chyna sang (Ya Gotta Wear Pants in Public) hada good message, she and Fletcher glare at Angus together.

Some EnchANTed Evening

Olive seems a little jealous. {C}Fletcher kind of nods when Angus says that Olive is hot. {C}Fletcher doesn't disagree with Angus when he says Olive is hot. Olive says that she hopes China didn't get Fletcher a nice present because then Fletcher would like her more and she didn't want that to happen. Olive talked to Fletcher to set up a double date with China and her boyfriend. Olive looked nervous when China asked why she set up a double date. Maybe olive wanted to humiliate China by setting up the double date. Olive said that the double date would be fun and smiled, maybe because she knew that Fletcher would be mad at Chyna. Olive looked like she forgot that China had a fake boyfriend which is impossible because she has an eidetic memory so she must have been faking it. Olive shrugged her shoulders meaning "Oh well" when China told her she didn't have a real boyfriend. {C}Fletcher said it was Olive who that convinced him to go on a double date. {C}Fletcher said he didn't know why he said yes to Olive. Fletcher said that Olive was an "evil sorceress." Olive said that she can get anybody with just her eyes (which might have been how she got Fletcher to say yes.) Olive kind of tries to convince China not to do the boyfriend additions (probably to make her look like a fool on the double date.) Olive was jealous when Jarred was reading the boyfriend's line. {C}Olive tried to convince China to take Wacky as her date (probably because Fletcher knows that China would never date Wacky and would know that she was lying right away.) {C}Maybe Fletcher lied about having a girlfriend to make Olive jealous. {C}Olive made the whole thing up about how China and her boyfriend met as just as just an excuse so she could tag along to see if her plan worked or not. {C}Olive said that Fletcher had been asking a lot of questions about China's boyfriend (meaning she talks to Fletcher a lot.) Olive looked a little surprised when she saw Fletcher hugging hi (fake) girlfriend also known as his babysitter. Olive kept he lying going while on the triple date about Jarred breeding llamas. Fletcher looked kind of surprised and mad when Jarred was screaming at Olive of thinking he was stealing her best friend. Fletcher was staring at Olive when she threw a piece of bread at Angus. Olive had a serious face when everybody found out that Fletcher's girlfriend (Ella) was his babysitter. {C}Olive looked mad when Fletcher said that China was coming down too strong. {C}Olive looked disappointed (and probably mad when her plan backfired.) {C}Olive smirked after Jarred shoved a pizza in his face (probably because it embarrass' China to call him her boyfriend.)


  • Fletcher is seen sitting on the armrest of the chair that Olive is sitting in.
  • Fletcher stands close to Olive and leans over her seat.[1]Fletcher sitting next to Olive
  • Fletcher backs Olive up on the suggestion of pretending to go see "The Happy Fuzzy Friends" band.
  • Fletcher and Olive sit on Chyna's bed together smiling.

PatANT PendingEDITEdit

  • Fletcher and Olive seem to get closer in this episode.
  • Olive and Fletcher work on an invention together.[2]Fletcher seems upset when Olive says he's not her friend.
  • Olive puts her hand on Fletchers shoulder twice.
  • They exclude Chyna from their idea.
  • Fletcher smiles when Olive says how much stuff they could buy at the 99 cents store instead of rolling his eyes like he usually does when Olive uses her eidetic memory.
  • Olive doesn't want Fletcher to tell Chyna that they were working on a project together.
  • Olive smiles when she says Fletcher isn't her friend but she might not mean it.
  • Fletcher seems hurt when Olive says that he isn't her friend.
  • Fletcher tried to warn Olive before she pressed the button Slap Mode.
  • Fletcher helps Olive put on Angus's hoodie to cover their invention.
  • Fletcher calls Olive his bud and punches her arm playfully, although he looked like he was lying, maybe he wasn't.
  • Fletcher puts his arm around Olive.
  • Chyna thinks they are "secretly dating" and they go along and pretend to date.
  • Chyna seems happy that they are going out.
  • Olive says that she finds Fletcher immature, little weirdo, irresistible.
  • Fletcher says that Olive's endless bable about nothing is adorable.
  • Fletcher says that he loves Olive.
  • Chyna hugs Fletcher and Olive because she's happy when she thinks they are dating.
  • Chyna calls them her two little sweet hearts.
  • Fletcher puts his arm around Olive and says she's all his.
  • Chyna says that Fletcher and Olive look cute together.
  • Chyna wants to take a picture of Fletcher and Olive as a couple.
  • Fletcher and Olive put their arms around each other when they were taking the picture.[3]The "Almost" Kiss
  • Chyna suggested that they should kiss.
  • Olive and Fletcher almost kiss.
  • Olive slaps Fletcher.
  • Chyna said she was convinced they were a couple.
  • Olive maybe thought Fletcher would go with her idea instead of Chyna's.
  • Olive looks very disapointed when Fletcher votes for Chyna's idea.
  • Olive looked jealous when Fletcher said that he was totally available.
  • Fletcher apologizes after he sees that Olive looked disappointed that he picked Chyna's invention over hers.
  • Fletcher looks and sounds sincere when he apologized to Olive.
  • Olive might have been angry with Chyna because Fletcher picked hers over Olive's.
  • Fletcher said that Olive should know he liked anything to do with balloons.

Ballet DANTserEDITEdit

    • They sit together at lunch with Chyna and Angus.
    • Olive uses Fletcher as an example when she is warning Violet not to go sit at the big kids table.[4]
    • It is shown in the flashback that Olive and Fletcher do sit togther at lunch alone sometimes.
    • Olive doesn't want to tell Violet where Fletcher is at the end of the episode.
    • Olive leans on Fletcher when she sees China talking with Lexi.
    • When Olive warned about the football player coming and told everyone to protect themselves, Fletcher was the first one to move.
    • In the ANTs area, when Chyna is talking about how they failed to help Violet not be violent, Fletcher is sitting down beside Olive who is standing and he looks at her.
    • When Violet throws blocks on Fletcher's feet, Olive looked a little bit worried.
    • When Fletcher is talking about his feet full of blood Olive looks at him.
    • The moment when Chyna asks Violet if she is sure that she wants to join ballet, Fletcher and Olive stand alone, really close to each other at the back.
    • When Violet leaves and Olive approaches next to Chyna, Fletcher stands beside Olive and both make eye contact.
    • Olive screams at Fletcher to keep his metaphors straight.
    • When Olive is talking about the difference between Queen Bees and Horses, Fletcher stares at her the whole time.
    • When Olive confesses she just bored herself talking too much, Fletcher smirks and nods his head.
    • Olive smiles when she sees Fletcher in a tutu in ballet class.
    • When Lexi is talking to Chyna about Violet in ballet class, Fletcher and Olive stand much closer next to each other.
    • When Olive thinks Lexi called her psycopath or something like that, Fletcher shook his head.
    • On the day of the recital and everyone is already dressed up, Olive is talking about how they arrived at the end of the road Fletcher is staring at her the whole time.
    • When Chyna says she has an idea, and Fletcher suggests they run away and get married, Olive asks if she can be a bridesmaid and Fletcher gives her a big smile and nods at her.
    • When Chyna asks how marrying would help, Fletcher said married people live longer, Olive agreed with him and he smiled at her again, in a thanking mode. (This is a moment, because she supported him, something she rarely does and that shows how she wants to see him happy.)
    • When Chyna says she and Fletcher are not getting married, Fletcher gets sad and Olive gets sad because he is sad.
    • When Chyna leaves Fletcher and Olive to talk with Violet, they stand alone together and seem to be talking with each other.
    • When Violet hugs and says she loves Fletcher, he asks what and looks at Olive who is scared and jealous (maybe).
    • Olive knows where Fletcher is hidding.
    • It might be possible that Olive didn't want to tell Violet where Fletcher was because she was jealous.
    • Olive looks like she seems sad after she told Violet where Fletcher is.
    • Fletcher calls and says he needs Olive when he gets hurt.[5]Fletcher looks at Olive
    • Fletcher looks defensive when they think Lexi was insulting Olive. He looks at her.
  • Fletcher looks defensive when they think Lexi was insulting Olive. He looks at her.
    • FoliveBalletDantser.jpg Olive and Fletcher stand close togetherGo to
    • Copy of cmantw006.jpg Olive and Fletcher hands next to each otherGo to
    • Cmantw017.jpg Olive and Fletcher standing next to each otherGo to
    • Cmantw024.jpg Fletcher leaning on OliveGo to
    • Cmantw028.jpg So close to each other <3Go to
    • Cmantw029.jpg <3 Next to each otherGo to
    • Cmantw030.jpg Fletcher halfly behind Olive <3Go to
    • Copy of cmantw030.jpg Looks like they are holding handsGo to
    • Cmantw031.jpg Sitting next to each otherGo to
    • Cmantw038.jpg Sometimes they lunch together aloneGo to
    • Cmantw054.jpg Olive leaning towards Fletcher scaredGo to
    • Cmantw057.jpg Fletcher's reaction towards Olive talkingGo to
    • Cmantw103.jpg Fletcher looking up to OliveGo to
    • Cmantw108.jpg Fletcher looking at OliveGo to
    • Cmantw112.jpg Olive talking to Fletcher (the way he looks at her)Go to
    • Cmantw122.jpg Standing together at ballet classGo to
    • Cmantw123.jpg Fletcher and Olive (the way she looks at him)Go to
    • Cmantw141.jpg Olive supporting FletcherGo to
    • Cmantw190.jpg Olive doesn't want Violet to find Fletcher (jealous much? Hope so!)Go to

Body of EvidANTsEDITEdit

  • Fletcher warns Olive that she isn't suppose to bring her pet into the A.N.T. Farm.
  • Olive says she had talked to her robot about Fletcher.[6]Fletcher calms Olive down after Hegel died
  • Olive admits she mentions Fletcher at home.
  • Fletcher looks offended when he hears that Olive thinks he's stupid.
  • Fletcher tries to calm Olive down at her robots funeral.
  • Fletcher puts his hand on Olive's shoulder.
  • Olive's flashback is first of Fletcher.
  • Fletcher and Olive are seen sitting at the same table when Chyna is stating who was the murder.
  • Olive doesn't look mad at Fletcher when he admits he murdered her robot.

Folive QuotesEDITEdit

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What Olive Thinks of FletcherEDITEdit

  • Olive thinks Fletcher is gullible.
  • Olive thinks Fletcher is a genius (seen in SANTa's Little Helpers).
  • Olive thinks Fletcher is immature, a little weirdo, and irresistible (seen in PatANT Pending).

What Fletcher Thinks of OliveEDITEdit

  • Fletcher thinks Olive is like an evil sorcerous (seen in Some EnchANTed Evening).
  • Fletcher thinks that Olive`s endless babbling is so adorable (seen in PatANT Pending).
  • Fletcher thinks Olive is beautiful

What They Have in CommonEDITEdit

Video GalleryEDITEdit

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  • [83]Can you feel the folive love ? :) #TEAMOLIVE #GOFOLIVE #FOLIVEFOLIFE

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  • [84]this hackers the gross one

21 days ago by Ilona:)Reply

    • [85]^hacker ... again

[86] 21 days ago by Flyna4eva

    • [87]Yea I know thanks for telling me

21 days ago by Ilona:)


21 days ago by ILOVEfoliveReply

    • [89]OMG I know right! FOLIVE IS SO AWESOME!!!!! And Jierra too! Ahh omg they are just so meant to be ! They belong together ! Olive and fletcher ! No doubt at all! I love them!

21 days ago by A Wikia contributor

    • [90]YES! JIERRA TOO!

20 days ago by ILOVEfolive

    • [91]FOLIVE FO'LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 days ago by A Wikia contributor

    • [92]FOLIVE FO'LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 days ago by A Wikia contributor

    • [93]I love folive !

18 days ago by A Wikia contributor

18 days ago by A Wikia contributor

    • [95]Chyna and Fletcher are good FRIENDS but Olive & Fletcher are a good COUPLE

18 days ago by A Wikia contributor

    • [96]Folive & jierra FOREVAH!!!!!!!

18 days ago by A Wikia contributor

18 days ago by A Wikia contributor

    • [98]And ever and ever

18 days ago by A Wikia contributor

    • [99]Andeverandeverandever

18 days ago by A Wikia contributor

  • [100]The "almost" kiss is my favorite folive moment and also olive mentioning fletcher at home is the cutest moment ever <3

22 days ago by A Wikia contributorReply

    • [101]Ikr! Its so so so cute <3 she talks about him at home awwww! <3

21 days ago by A Wikia contributor

  • [102]Folive4life^2+4(600)+57>9000

Does anyone notice how similar the characters on this show are to Hannah Montana and iCarly? Loliver and Seddie eventually happened, so should Folive!

P.S. Do you get my equation? It's over 9000! ...Anyone? No? Sigh... 22 days ago by A Wikia contributorReply

    • [103]I see what you did there! LOL

21 days ago by A Wikia contributor

    • [104]IKR!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will happen !!!! Its too mean to be to not happen! Olive and fletcher are p e r f e c t perfect for each other its like not even funny!

21 days ago by A Wikia contributor

    • [105]Omg I was thinking of the Seddie parallels! They are very similar! SEDDIE AND FOLIVE FTW!

16 hours ago by A Wikia contributor

  • [106]I love it when they almost kiss, but i hate it when Fletcher calls Olive annoying, and when Fletcher says that him and Chyna should get married, Olice didnt seem to mind and wanted to be a bridesmaid,, that bothered me so much,, my other favorite moment is in the one episodes when Olive sees Fletcher kissing a Chyna doll, and how hurt she looked, that somewhat proves that she has feelings for him

22 days ago by A Wikia contributorReply

    • [107]Right! Omg finally someone agrees with me! And I've noticed that every time fletcher and chyna get close olive becomes super jelous and plus she messed up their date that one time. Olive has a very big crush on Fletcher andshe has a hard time hideing it xD lol #GoFolive

21 days ago by A Wikia contributor


18 days ago by A Wikia contributor


18 days ago by A Wikia contributor

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