Jabe is the romantic pairing of Jo and Gabe from the T.V. show Good Luck Charlie. Itis shown in the episode Boys Meets Girls that they like each other and the only reason Jo beats up Gabe is because she can't express her true feelings for him. They once danced together at the cotillion in the episode Duncan vs. Duncan.

Jabe MomentsEdit

Boys Meets Girls

  • Jo and Gabe both like each other just don't want to say it.
  • Gabe said that he can't beat her up when Teddy suggested to hit "him" back.
  • Jo beats up Gabe because she can't express her true feelings for him.
  • Jo and Gane hang out for a little while at the Duncan house before Jo beats him up again for cheating in Galixey of Death.

Duncan's Got Talent

  • Jo helps Gabe with his campain video and filmed it at his house.
  • After they are done with the video Gabe asks if she wants to play a video game, to which she replies no because she said until the election is over they should keep this profenshonal.
  • At the beginning of the episode Jo says that Her and Gabe both know that their relationship is complitcated. He responds with, "No kidding. Last week I had a dream when you..... Yeah, it's complicated."
  • Gabe had a dream with Jo in it.

Charlie in Charge

  • Jo and Gabe have to do a science project together.
  • They both agree that Hawaii is the most boring state.
  • Gabe wanted Jo to wear a grass skirt and a coconut bra in front of the class.
  • They fight like an old married couple about Charlie in this episode.
  • Jo decides to help Gabe with Charlie.
  • When Gabe says that Jo is good with babies she says, "Yeah, I guess I am. If you tell anyone I'll kill you."
  • Jo and Gabe say that they both had fun.

Duncan vs. Duncan

  • Amy makes Gabe go to the cotillion with Jo, maybe because it is so obvious that they have chemistry.
  • When Jo comes over in a dress and make up Gbe can't hear what she is saying because she looks so pretty.
  • After Jo leaves Gabe says, "Wow," to which Amy says, "Not so gross now is it? Just wait," because her Bob are fighting.
  • They dance together at the cotillion.
  • Gabe said it was gross that they had to dance really close when Jo ind of liked it.