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Kick is the romantic pairing of Kim Crawford and Jack on Disney XD's Kickin' It.Through the show they show several hints of liking each other even though they deni it.From the first episode Jack is convinced Kim likes him,hinting he may like her in return. It is shown that in Kickin' It On Our Own, Jack and Kim have their first date. The official 'Kick' website is: Kick

Kick MomentsEdit

Wasabi Warriors

  • Kim is the first one that Jack met.
  • Jack caught Kim's falling apple with his foot.
  • When Jack jumps on the lunch tanle Kim's at she waves at him and he gives a wasup head nod.
  • Jack is convinced Kim has a crush on him through the whole episode, possible hinting he may like her in return.

Kim takes Jack to the Black Dragens' dojo to show off her moves, maybe trying to impress Jack.

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Jack & Kim