Sco is the romantic pairing of Mo Banjaree and Scott Picket in the movie Lemonade Mouth. They were dating at the beginning, but break up after Mo finds out Scott cheated on her. Scott tries to get her back, but fails. After Scott helps Lemonade Mouth at Rising Star, tey get back together the next day.

Sco MomentsEdit

  • They are dating at the beginnig.
  • Mo doesn't want Scott to see her before she changes her clothes.
  • Mo goes to a Mudslide Crush concert for Scott.
  • Mo sneaks out to go to the concert.
  • Mo is upset that Scott didn't call her.
  • When Lemonade Mouth performs at the Halloween Bash, Scott says that they are great.
  • Mo is super upset when she finds out Scott cheated on her.
  • Scott calls Mo's name after she finds out he was cheating on her.
  • Scott tries to get back together with Mo.
  • Scott helps the band at Rising Star.
  • Mo gets back together with Scott the next day.
  • Mo kisses Scott on the cheek.
  • In the extended edition, Mo looks surprised and kind of mad when Olive says she is the one dating Scott, actually meaning Wen, but when Mo gives Scott a look he says "I have no idea what she is talking about."