Traustin is the romantic/ friendship pairing of Trish an Austin Moom on Austin & Ally. They aren't that close, but still are friends. Trish is Austin's manager.

Traustin MomentsEdit

Rockers & Writers

  • Trish has Double Take, Austin's song, as her ring tone.
  • Trish was playing with the Austin doll at Sonic Boom.
  • Trish introduces herself and says she is a big fan when her and Ally go to Austin's house.
  • When Trish says, "Guess who got a job as Austin's manager?" she says it with a smile.
  • Austin is smiling at the time, too.

Kangaroos & Chaos

  • Trish and Austin only care about themselves in the episode.
  • Trish borrowed the jacket from the dry cleaners for Austin's video, event though it belonged to a guy named Face Puncher.
  • Austin said it was his fault the jacket was ruined, so Trish wouldn't get hurt.

Secrets & Songbooks

  • Austin hugs Trish.

Zaliens & Cloudwatchers

  • Austin is happy that Trish and Dez have something in common.

Tickets & Trashbags

  • Trish is the first person Austin lets have the extra ticket.
  • Trish got a new job just for the party.

Managers & Meatballs

  • Trish is very upset when she gets fired.
  • Austin doesn't fire Trish at first, only after she messes up.

Clubowners & Quinceaneras

  • Austin is excited to go to the Quinceanera.
  • Austin is the one to point out to Trish that she will get a boatload of presents.
  • Trish lets Austin know that its a country club so he doesn't make a fool of himself after he says yes.
  • Austin says Trish looks good after she comes out in her new dress.