Okay so at school, I have a freind named Faith and there is this guy who ALWAYS sits near us named Dakota. But so we tell secrets and talk about guys we like, but he says if we be mean or annoy any of the guys, he'll tell our secrets! But so one day we were sitting near the guys and Dakote was there too, but so Dakota says he already told Duncan (one of my guy friends) some of our secrets. So then Faith was trying to get him to tell her some of the secrets he told but he wouldn't so we know now that he didn't hear anything he was just being a weenie. Come to think of it we really should have known before cuz we still harass the guys and he doesn't do anything, he just sits there like a big lug! So yeah, that's all I got for you today. SEE YA!!!!

@l$tinL*ver15 <3's U!