• I live in next door.
  • My occupation is being purple, duh.
  • I am exactly.
  • ThePurpleThingFromNextDoorHeeHee


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  • ThePurpleThingFromNextDoorHeeHee

    I woke up today in Canada. I ran all the way home with this guy Lucas chasing me, asking me to get the German policemen to stop chasing him (?). I then ate 100 chocolate chip cookies and decided that my new name is Mach. And that is what it's like to be purple. And live next door. Hee hee.

    Juuuust kiddiiiing.

    Here's how my day actually went: I updated stuff on my iPod, ate lunch with my "supremely interesting" family, listened to music, tested out a morning routine for school days (or really, with variations as necessary, it'd fit all days), put together some outfits, and changed some stuff on my sister's wiki profile because she needs to stop being a BLW. (Don't ask.) And I thought by writing this blog post I would creep her out. Did it wor…

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