Wenvia is the romantic pairing of Wen Gifford and Olivia White in the movie Lemonade Mouth. They both seem to like each other but sometimes are nervous around each other.
Olivia's nervous


Wenvia MomentsEdit

  • Olivia says that the last time she performed, she threw up down Mikey Nichol's back. Wen says "Haha, oh yeah! I remember that! That was hilarious!" and Olivia says "No, it was humiliating."
  • While singing "Turn Up the Music", Olivia tells Wen to put on a cowboy hat.
  • When Olivia denies the invitation to Lemonade Mouth, so does Wen.
  • When all of the kids leave detention, Olivia and Wen go in the same direction.
  • Wen comes over to Olivia's house to work on songs.
  • Wen tells Olivia: "I like it when you smile."
  • Before the Halloween Bash, Wen tells Olivia: "We believe in you, okay? I believe in you."
  • When Olivia and Wen are fighting,Wen asks why Olivia did the band she replies, "I did it for you!", meaning she gave up her fear for him.
  • Extended Version: Olivia says Wen and her are "dating-ish", and Wen agrees calls her "his girl". He also kisses her hand during the performance
    of "Livin' on a High Wire".
  • When Stella texts everyone about the band, and Wen walks up behind Olivia, Olivia slams her locker door shut, obviously nervous around Wen at the time.
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    Holding hands in LMEE
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    Dance partner